Monday, December 20, 2010

New Traditions

This year will be the only Christmas that Phil and I will be engaged. The last two Christmases, we were dating and next year we will be married! With this said, I've decided that it's time we start our own traditions.

Last year, on Christmas Eve, we exchanged the stockings that we filled for each other. We also went to our church's Christmas Eve service. This year, we decided not to do stockings (because of the move). We will still go to the Christmas Eve service, but I am hoping that we can watch a Christmas movie or something together.

Christmas day will be a little different this year. The past two years I have stayed with Phil's family and had Christmas morning at their house. Every year I get frustrated because they don't do anything in the mornings, in fact, they don't open Christmas presents until Noon! Oh the horror! Since they don't really do much in the mornings, I figured that Phil and I could spend the morning together and I would start the tradition of making this for breakfast...
Don't these just look so good?!

After breakfast, we'll head back to his parents house, open gifts, and have Christmas dinner.

This year will be awesome, but I can't wait until next year when we'll be Mr. & Mrs!


Tristan said...

they are crazies!

Kathleen said...

i know! i go crazy ever year waiting to open the presents. i was even reminded today that we eat lunch BEFORE we open gifts, so it's really a little after noon :(