Friday, December 3, 2010

We Have a Full Day Ahead of Us

Moving day is tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited! There's still a few small things to pack, but all of the big things are packed away in boxes, labeled, and have a post-it on it with a color to show what room it belongs in. Yes, I am one of those people when it comes to moving.

I am also loving my job right now. It gives me so much flexibility and allows me to change things last minute. That's the great thing about being a teacher!
We still have a lot to do today that is not packing related, but that's ok. I welcome other things at this point. Some of the things we have to do today are:
  1. Go to the Circuit Court to get our marriage license (yay!)
  2. Go check out and decide on the tuxes the men are wearing.
  3. *Hopefully, pick up the key for the new apartment!!!
  4. Get Phil's desk and computer ready to move. It would be a lot easier to do now with the truck we're getting rather than waiting until February.
  5. Finish packing my apartment.
  6. Go to the bank to get the certified check for the first month's rent.
  7. Pay rent at my other apartment.
I'm sure there's tons more, but that's all I can think of right now.

ps...I'm also ecstatic that our wreaths came in and the bridesmaid's gifts came in today as well!!!

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