Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekend Recap

Moving day was Saturday. We had a 15-foot moving truck, a pick-up truck, SUV, CRV, and a van to help move and we still have to go back today to get the rest of the boxes. Clearly, I have way too much stuff for one person.

The move went well and the furniture is where it needs to be. My job was to stay out of the way, pick up lunch, and point and tell people where things go. It was awesome!

The apartment looks great with all of the furniture in it and I can't wait to actually sleep there. I am in the process of trying to get internet and phone hooked up there after our horrific experience with Comcast on Saturday.

This afternoon, Phil's mom and I are going to get the rest of my stuff from the old apartment and move it in to the new one and continue the unpacking process. She is such a huge help because she has so much energy and is quick to unpack.

Last night was the Christmas tea at church. I have been pretty busy for a while now with selling tickets and the ticket sales starting in October and ending last night at the tea. I also hosted a table and my friend, Nikole, graciously stepped in to be the co-host kind of last minute. The tea was lovely, as usual, and it ended with Phil and I being Mary and Joseph for the reading of Christ's birth. It was great to be able to have so many women there having a great time and supporting Compassion and our church with the child-survival project we support.

I will post pictures soon...I have a new camera in the mail and plan on using it!


Tristan said...

sounds like an awesome weekend!

YAY-PICTURES..just what your blog is missing..hahahah

Kathleen said...

I am hoping to get more pictures up and running as soon as the camera gets here...there's so much I want to post pictures on! haha