Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend Recap

This weekend was definitely a busy one! We had a lot going on and I must admit that I can't wait until things "settle down" a little bit.

On Friday it decided to snow! It was one of those unexpected snows which meant the roads were pretty bad and some of the kids couldn't go home right away. I was lucky enough to have a co-worker drive me home in her 4-wheel drive vehicle. Phil met me at my apartment and since the family dinner was cancelled, we were invited to play Texas Hold 'Em with some friends!

Saturday was a lot of fun. Some of the people from my church and I went to the Baltimore School of Massage and got massages. When we showed up, we found out they had a 2 for 1 special so it only cost $12.50 for a 50 minute massage! Once we left, we headed over to Red Robin for lunch where Phil met us. It was a lot of fun and Phil and I shared a Red Royal was so good. After lunch, we met with Phil's parents and went to the Christmas tree farm. After walking around for a long time in the cold, we finally found our tree....I'll post some pics of it soon. We were able to get the tree set up and order this kitchen cart for extra prep space before we headed out to babysit for a friend.
Sunday morning was super interesting. I woke up to find out that the electricity was off. I was concerned since that meant no home phone or internet, but luckily, it was fixed within the hour. Phil and I managed to run to Homegoods and Walmart before meeting his dad to go through the apartment and do the checklist to turn into the leasing office. I was able to build the shelf-thing to go over the toilet and Phil hooked up the Wii, home theater system, and vcr so that I would have things to do this week!

My camera came in and I did take some pictures of the tree. I just need to download them onto the laptop and they should be posted soon!

Did anyone else do anything interesting this weekend?

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