Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays

Figuring out the bridesmaids' gifts were easy. I knew exactly what I wanted to give them and it was just a matter of finding out where to get them from and buy them. Unfortunately, this was not the case with the groomsmens' gifts.

With Phil being the groom, I really wanted him to think of something to give the guys. I should have known better! Phil is such a great man, but when it comes to deciding on gifts for people, he tends to have no idea what he wants to get them and waits until the last.possible.minute.

I had been asking him for months what he would like to do for the guys, but he had no idea. None of the "traditional" gifts seemed to match any of the men. We even thought of doing individual gifts, but that was even harder to think of. We really wanted the gifts to be useful and not too cliche so, we sat there and thought about it again and again and finally came up with this...

A monogrammed leather wallet.

We figured that a wallet is something that every man uses. The website we ordered them from even had great reviews for these! The best part is that Phil really liked the idea and seemed happy and relieved to have finally found the gifts to give the guys.

What did you give your groomsmen?

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Tristan said...

that is an awesome gift!!!

we got our groomsmen monogrammed beer are a wild bunch, but we love them!

I got my bride's maids jewlery to match their dresses!