Thursday, April 26, 2012

Finding Balance

Sometimes I feel like I'm playing a balancing act. Between running my business and taking care of our home I feel like I'm constantly behind. If I get enough sewing done, then the apartment is a mess. It's a constant struggle as to what to get done when and what can wait. I thought it would get easier with me staying at home, but now that I'm sewing more, it's not.

I can say that I am super thankful for my husband. He has an hour and a half commute each way to work and he works about nine hours a day. He's up at 3:40am and doesn't get home until 5:30pm. It's a long day for him, but he never complains. He is also so great in helping around the house when he gets home. When I'm busy sewing, he's doing the dishes, laundry, or picking up. He's amazing. Which is why I have been catering to his dinner preferences lately.

Cooking dinner is one thing I really try not to slack on. Yes, my husband would eat canned soup or whatever for dinner, but I really feel like this is something that I can do for him even if I didn't pick up during the day. Most of the time he lets me pick what's for dinner, but this past week he's asked for beef stroganoff and lasagna in the same week.

We had beef stroganoff Monday night, spaghetti last night, and he wants lasagna tonight. Seriously? Pasta three times this week? Oh my gosh. And, he told me that he likes to eat cup of noodles at work if we don't have leftovers. Wow. At least I like to buy brown rice pasta.

I have a feeling that next week I will be balancing our dinners a little better without so much pasta, but for this week...pasta it is.

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Cheerful Homemaker said...

I've been behind on housework since October. :(