Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sometimes and Always #6

Sometimes... I plan dinner last minute when friends come over.
Always... I come up with something good and they love it!

Sometimes... I go to the fabric store more than I do the grocery store.
Always... I find either what I was looking for or something pretty.

Sometimes... I still get upset when people expect me to get a job.
Always... I love being at home and know that this is where God wants me.

Sometimes... I get stressed about little things.
Always... My husband is amazing and helps me get through.


Holly said...

I am so jealous of your ability to cook things at the last minute which actually turn out well! I am sure that if I tried that there would b a disaster...and also possibly some kind of kitchen fire. :P

Megan said...

Oh girl, don't be upset when people ask about you working! I think staying at home is amazing, especially if it is a God-led decision. I wish that I could cook last minute. I always have to have a plan and a recipe. Haha.

Thanks for linking up!