Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sometimes and Always #5

Sometimes... I get frustrated and act like a brat.
Always... My husband loves me and makes me feel better.

Sometimes... I crave a Big Mac at McDonalds.
Always... I decide not to eat the yummy goodness since I gave it up!

Sometimes... I get overwhelmed by everything going on.
Always... I pray about it and know that God has a better plan.

Sometimes... I'm happy that plans change.
Always... I know that it's for the best. Either I get more rest or have a great time!

Sometimes... I try out a new recipe.
Always... My husband loves it and wants me to make it again!


carlyrae said...

What a great post! I especially love when a new recipe turns out good and the hubs loves it!

--Amie-- said...

Your newest follower!! I hate when plans change too, but a lot of times they turn out way better! :)