Thursday, May 6, 2010

Deliverance and Freedom

Last night Phil and I went to the last Cleansing Stream study before the retreat in Pittsburgh tomorrow evening. On the way there I was reluctant to go because Satan had really been attacking me lately and I felt "out of place" being there with everyone exclaiming how much God is showing them through the study. God has been showing me a lot as well, but it made me feel that there was nothing changing because my response was not the response of many of the people in the study. I was able to open up and was accepted by the wonderful group of women who reassured me that what I'm going through is perfectly normal and that God is going to do a great thing at the retreat! I left feeling happy and inspired!

I went to bed last night praying deliverance and freedom not just for myself, but for Phil as well. As I was praying I felt God's presence and it was amazing. My mood this morning was fantastic and I could tell that God was working! I found myself praying and praising God for the freedom He has given us! God has already won the spiritual battle and has given us victory over all. We need to be open to receive the freedom that He has for us and the blessings that He has for us in store. Hallelujah!

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