Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Vacations always teach me something especially when I visit back home to California. I moved to the East Coast on a whim in July 2007. It may sound crazy, but I knew that is what God was telling me and there was nothing really holding me back so off to Virginia I went.

At first, moving was really hard for me emotionally. I left behind almost all I had ever known in California to live in a state 2,700 miles away from home. It was a quick decision and there wasn't much time to say goodbye to friends and family. I literally found out on Sunday I would be going to Virginia and left on Wednesday. It was difficult not to receive the closure that I longed for.

At the time my friends and family didn't understand why I moved across the country and why it happened so suddenly. I really didn't know then either, but it was God's plan for me so I followed it and moved. It was hard for me not to be able to say bye and be around everything that had become familiar over the past 23 years that I grew up there.

It was good for me and heartbreaking all at the same time. I loved California and all it had to offer, but being across the country was what I needed to thrive. This realization came when I visited my family last year for my birthday. I remember leaving with closure thinking..."Now I get it. Now I understand why this all happened."

I am learning new things on this trip as well and will have to share those thoughts later. One thing is for certain, I know that although I may live far away from my family, I am exactly where I need to be and I have a wonderful man and his family that is there to love and fully support me. That is all that matters.

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Kellyanne said...

Same sorta thing happened with me! Decided we would move on Sunday, and we were in the moving truck Tuesday night!

I wasn't sure why I felt so confident with that choice, since I am the type of person that always worries, and second guesses myself.

BUT best choice ever!