Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sabotage--Diet Addition

Have you ever been trying to lose weight and realized that you are sabotaging yourself? I find that this happens to me and I don't even realize it. Of course, I put in a good effort with working out and being more active so that should help make the weight come off, right? I've also made huge dietary changes and cut out most fast food, soda, and large amounts of sweets that were consumed on a daily basis. I thought that for sure, these changes would help me lose some weight, but it has yet to come off and I've figured out why.

Sure, my food intake has been better with smaller portions and not eating as many "bad" foods, but what was happening was that there were many foods that seem to be "healthy" and really are not. Take yesterday for example: I went to Chick-fil-a thinking that it would be better to get something there than at McDonald's or somewhere else. I had a sunflower-multigrain bagel with chicken and cheese. It was quite good and had a lot of protein and multigrain is better than white, right? Unfortunately, not. That breakfast sandwich that was thought to be more healthy ended up being 500 calories with 20 grams of fat! Ewww. Well, this got me thinking...If that seemed healthier and really wasn't, what else am I eating that could be sabotaging my weight loss efforts?

For me, this was a real wake-up call. That cookie that looks so good and can't be that bad if I only have one....6 grams of fat and 180 calories. Ummm, no thanks. Because of this (and the wonderful boyfriend that lets me use our his Ipod touch) I decided to download an app that helps me track what I eat and the calories/fat/carb content in foods as well as gives me daily goals and totals to work with. It is also incredibly helpful because if he wants his Ipod back to use, they have a website where you can plug in the information as well and have an online community of other people trying to lose weight! I browsed the website today and loved seeing the ticker and goals that you can set for yourself and also be able to look up what the nutritional facts are! If you too are interested in that website click here.

Now that I have the right tools to know what is in the foods I'm eating it should make it easier to make the better choice and not continue to sabotage myself!

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