Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just When I Think I Know Best...

"People will disappoint you, but God will always remain faithful"--this was the message from my devotional last night and it really home for me.

I've been struggling with putting my faith in the wrong place and getting disappointed and upset when it doesn't go how I think it should. I get frustrated because God told me what He has in store and it has yet to come to fruition. I know that it will happen when it's the "right time" and to be completely honest, that is incredibly annoying to hear. I have so much hope and faith that God is in control and it will happen when it is God's time and not mine, but sometimes you need to vent and get what you feel deep down off of your chest.

I can only imagine how Sarah, Abraham's wife, must have felt when she was told that she would have a child and was barren. They were promised a child and it took years for her to finally have one. They even took it into their own hands and had him sleep with Hagar so that they would have the child God had promised to give them.

It feels like I am constantly waiting for what God has for me and there is nothing I can do about it now. Yes, it gets incredibly frustrating and I pray all.the.time. I trust God with this and will continue to have faith and hope in Him, but sometimes it seems too difficult to get through. I know with God, all things are possible and I just need to wait on the Lord for "His promise endures forever."

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