Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Days of Being a Nanny

I'm a nanny. I've been a nanny for just about five years now consecutively and have worked for three different families in that time. My job is very rewarding and very difficult all at the same time, but I must admit, it has a lot of perks to it too.

Perk #1- I am salaried which basically means that no matter how few hours I work each week, I still get the same rate of pay even if the parents decide to give me three extra days off!

Perk #2- When I go out to lunch with the kiddos, I get my lunch paid for. Also, I get all meals and snacks during my work day so I don't even have to bring a breakfast or lunch in for the day.

Perk #3- I get paid to take kids on fun activities such as bowling, swimming, the aquarium, etc. And if Phil has off, he's more than welcome to join us for the fun festivities!

The kids I watch now are older being 4 1/2, 7, and 10 so most of my day is with the little one follwed by three hours each day with all three. During school holidays and breaks, I get all three kids full-time for 10 hours a day. Yes, it can be fun, but overwhelming as well.

Right now I have one eating a snack, one stalking me, and one upstairs in her room crying because she doesn't want to clean her room. Today I'm taking it all in stride and laughing at the fact that the youngest wanted to "not eat" today and brought a yogurt and nutri-grain bar for lunch and wanted nothing else, the middle child has been in her room crying at the injustice that is cleaning her room, and the oldest hiding a snack she knows she's not supposed to have only to be caught with the evidence on her face! Lol.

I am still trying to transition into the career-world and keeping my focus on God to provide the right job for me upon leaving this one. I'll definitely miss the kids, but I'm looking forward to getting into a different line of work and knowing that my degree isn't going to waste. It will be a good transition for all of us and I'm trusting God for His plans are better than mine.

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