Monday, March 29, 2010

mcfatty mondays

Hey yall! I'm so happy to see that this past week drinking mass quantities of water totally worked and I managed to lose 1.2 pounds! Never mind the fact that I only went to the gym once last week. It was an incredibly busy week with work--the youngest is on spring break and the oldest had strep throught-- and add on the Bible study we go to weekly, and preparing to fax my transcripts to someone who contacted me. But, nevertheless I lost weight! I must contribute this to my dad who told me to drink a gallon of water a day. I find that this is a large amount of water and I did not make it that far yet, but I did drink a lot more than usual.

I also went shopping this weekend and found some clothes for work when I get a job I have to dress up for! I bought some button-up shirts and one pair of brown work slacks, but what color shoes do you wear with brown pants? I'm not sure yet. I also got two pairs of jeans to wear until I fit into all of the jeans that I have and love. They are high-waisted which I don't love, but they fit better than all of my low-rise jeans and don't fall down. I figure I can wear them even if I'm so not a fan of high-waisted jeans and maybe it will be my motivation to lose more weight!

With that said let's see how much I've lost so far...

Current Stats:
Starting Weight: 196
Today's Weight: 193.2
Total Weight Loss: -2.8 pounds!

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