Monday, March 22, 2010

mc fatty monday

I must admit, I worked hard last week. Like, really hard. I made it to the gym 4 days and did a Combat class, Zumba, and two days with my legs/cardio, and one strictly cardio. I managed to still not drink any soda and managed to not eat any fast food. I did better overall again and my eating habits seem to be getting better slowly, but again, it's been much better than before where I pretty much had fast food at least once if not two times a day Ya, I'm doing much better now.

One could see my dismay with this reality when I stepped on the scale this morning only to find that it said:
What? I maintained my weight after all of the hard work I put in last week? I blame it on the major PMS I'm having right now--no, really, I do. Even though I didn't lose any, I'm happy to not have gained any. This has happened before with PMS and once it was gone, the weight loss showed. Either way, I'm in a ton of pain and don't weigh and more than last week. I guess, I'll take it.

I'm not sure of my goals for this week. I was supposed to go meet with my trainer today, but she had to make an emergency trip to Puerto Rico where her husband had to have emergency surgery. I am keeping them in my thoughts and prayers. I was planning on going anyways, but the oldest child I watch is home sick with strep throat. Ya, not sure if I should really go to the gym and possibly give it to everyone else while I'm there. But, I am hoping to do at least a video or something this week even if it's walking around outside. I'm still determined to lose the weight and get the ball rolling.

Oh, and this weekend ON my birthday some lady may or may not have totally asked me if I was "P.G.--because, girl, you look like you're gonna pop out a kid any second now." Ya, no, I'm just fat...not pregnant.

So, as you can see, this past weekend has been marvelous. I'm hoping for a much better week coming up here.

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