Wednesday, March 24, 2010

An Early Wake-Up

I decided to surprise Phil this morning by showing up at his house at 3:50am. You see, he wakes up at 3:45am and is on his way to work by 4:10 every morning. Now, usually I wouldn't be up that early or driving to my boyfriend's house, however, there were circumstances that led to this surprise visit.

Two weeks ago the smoke detector in my apartment beeped loudly and said "low battery" and yes, it really does talk after the horrific beep. I had looked at it and couldn't figure it out because it is also hooked up to the electricity and had wires connecting it to the ceiling and didn't want to try anything for fear of being electrocuted. So, I told Phil's dad and he was going to stop by and fix it.

He didn't make it over since he had been out of town last weekend and Phil and I were super busy prior to that as well, but he did make it over tonight to fix it because apparently by 3am it was beeping and talking to me every ten minutes. At that point I couldn't take it and decided to get my clothes together and go on over to Phil's since he should be up when I got there and I could sleep over there for the rest of the time before I had to get up for work.

Luckily, he was in a good mood and was very sweet about the whole thing. His mom thought it was funny when she saw me in the morning and his dad was confused and thought that Phil was in another room when he came in.

I am truly thankful for having such a great man in my life and his wonderfully supportive family.

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