Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

I am officially 26 years old today! This past year has brought so much to my life.

  • I started the year off having just moved to Maryland from Virginia in January and started my new job with the kids. This was definitely something that was a big thing for me. I had never had my own apartment before and it was a big adjustment. I remember that for the first couple of months, Phil would come over and stay with me until I would fall asleep, then go back to his place.

  • We made a much needed trip back to California to visit my family and friends. I was there on my birthday and stayed for the entire week.

  • I played on an adult softball team during the late-spring and summer seasons and absolutely loved it! I tried out a new position, first base, and totally rocked at it!
  • We made it to a couple of National's games and totally had a blast! The summer also marked our 1 year anniversary!
  • The fall brought on Phil's birthday and a homemade tornado cake! Yes, it was 3-D, took forever, and made him so incredibly happy that my heart melted. It also brought us Phil's new job!


  • In December we flew to Iowa so I could walk across the stage and receive my diploma and in January, I officially graduated!

    • January brough lots of snow and I officially graduated! I also found out that in the middle of June this year, my job will be ending. It was a bitter-sweet moment for me as the kids are growing up and I'm able to pursue my career (finally!)
    • And I ended my 25th year with getting serious about losing weight and going to a Skillet/Toby Mac concert last night with my honey.
    It's been a great year full of surprises and I hope that 26 will bring many more blessings and opportunites and to be able to use my talents for God's glory.

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