Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend Remix

Wow, what a great weekend! We did a lot and changed our plans and it was a lot of fun. Here's the recap:

Thursday night we went to a "Taco Bake" over at a friend's house and was able to have dinner there and be around some great people and eat a fantastic dish called Taco Bake. Seriously, if you haven't tried it now!

Friday we had the whole day together.
  1.  We had an appointment with my boss' office in the morning and I didn't have to go in early that day!
  2. Afterwards we went to the mall for lunch and to return a couple of things. While we were there we saw one of Phil's friends and were able to catch-up with him while he was on his lunch break.
  3. We picked up the kids from school.
  4. Then we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse with a great couple and their two adorable boys! We followed dinner with games at their house and had
Saturday we were supposed to go to D.C. and just spend the day together, but we decided to do an impromptu trip to Virginia to visit my friend, Boo. On the way we stopped at the Outlets and got my birthday present!!!

Today we went to chuch this morning, picked up Subway for lunch on our way back, stopped at Wal-mart to look at a couple of things and finally made it back home. I still have to run to the store tonight to look at curtains and pick Phil up a deodorant since he lost his on the

Overall, we had a great weekend and the weather made it even nicer...sunny and not too cold!

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