Friday, August 31, 2012

Fit Fridays {Week 13)

I am so happy to report that this week's results were much better than last week's! I figured out that the slight increase was mostly due to water retention and saw a difference when I upped my water intake.

I worked out only a couple of days this week, but have kept up with the Ab Challenge (with a two day break for being sick).

 I did 40 minutes of cardio and some weights for my arms.

I did 25 minutes of cardio.

Today I'm meeting up with a friend to go to the gym at 10:30am so we'll be doing some cardio as well.

I've kept in my calorie range as well and here are the results...

Starting Weight: 224
Last Week: 209.4
Current Weight: 205.6
Down  -3.8 pounds this week!

Total Weight Lost: 18.4 pounds!

Dont Quote The Raven


Traci Aerykssen said...

3.8 lbs!! Nice! Good luck next week :D

Lindsay said...

Go girl! That's awesome!