Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Sometimes... I wish we lived in a house with more room and tons of natural sunlight.
Always... I know that time will come and we are so blessed with the apartment we have.

Sometimes... I miss shopping a lot and want to shop till I drop!
Always... I know that doing that would not be good for our finances and me staying home is the best thing for our family.

Sometimes... I get a bit overwhelmed and worried with the different sewing projects I take on.
Always... God gives me the ability to get it done and they come out looking better than expected,
Crib skirt and comforter I made for a friend's nursery!

Sometimes... I want to sponsor all of the children through Compassion International.
Always... I know that we can not afford it, but we are still making a difference and that's what matters most.

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Marilyn Clark said...

Great message. We so often times try to be perfect and when we fall short we think we fail. LOVE this!