Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What Motivated Me to Lose Weight

*Disclaimer: In this post I will be talking about my personal struggle and some may find it to be a little TMI for some people*

I don't know about you, but I didn't know that I was getting fat until one day I looked in the mirror and saw it...all 226 pounds of it. I had just lost my job and had been trying, without success, to eat better and give up my beloved Big Mac.

My husband and I had decided that we wanted to start trying for a family. We went in for a preconceptual consultation and asked my doctor what we should do and expect when I got off the pill. The advice was simple. Use a back up method for a month, take folic acid, and have fun. We talked about my irregular cycles before going on the pill and what that could entail. I was asked to call him if I had not had a cycle 90 days after I ended the pill and we would discuss our options.

Over 110 days went by and I had no cycle. I was getting nervous and finally decided to call the doctor. I wanted to start our family, like yesterday. He verified that I had not yet ovulated and that he wanted to try me on a low dose of clomid to see if we could induce ovulation. My husband and I decided to try it out and hope for the best. I had two follow-up appointments, both confirmed that the clomid did not work, and the doctor wanted to up my dose and try again.

My husband and I had prayed about it and discussed it in length prior to my last follow-up. We didn't feel that taking a pill to help me get pregnant was the right thing to do at the time. I was heavy and the risks associated with getting pregnant at such a heavy weight were not ideal.

When I went back to the doctor and he suggested a higher dose, I told him that I wanted to hold off and see if I could get my body to do what it was supposed to do on my own. I told him that I just joined a gym and wanted to get healthy now so that when I do get pregnant, I can continue to be healthy for myself and our baby. The doctor accepted what I said and reminded me that I need to make sure that I do go to the gym and really work hard.

I went to the gym right after that appointment. I was determined to try and get fit and healthy before accepting medical intervention again.

What I found was that the more times I went to the gym and watched what I ate, the less obsessed I got about getting pregnant. I still want to have a baby, but if it takes a little while and I get healthier in the mean time, then that's ok. I want to be a healthy person and make healthy decisions. I want to show my family that it's important to be active and eat right.

I started doing this for myself and my future family.

I have a doctor's appointment next week and can't wait to show him that I've lost almost 15 pounds so far! I still have a ways to go, but I know that I can do this.

What's your motivation?


TwoFourFive said...

It's funny how family makes everything more motivating. Having just had a baby, and experiencing some hardship in trying to get pregnant, my motivation has changed from wanting a healthy prenancy to wanting to be healthy for my baby girl. I want her to grow up confident and living a healthy life, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I once heard on the radio that you can't give someone what you don't have. So that's my motivation- to give her a healthy lifestyle. And to give it, I have to have it :)


First off.. thank you for such a wonderful post! How amazing you are!
Second: getting your body ready for this journey is important & clomid is a crazy pill (IMO). All goals, no matter what they are, are important. I applaud you for taking a breath & thinking about the bigger picture too.
I gained on clomid.. like 40 pounds. You get scared to workout, or diet, or anything really - & I believe those pills make people OBSESSED! No kidding.
I am here to support you all the way. It's empowering.. keep it & you are doing amazing!!!!

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Heidi said...

Very inspiring post, Kathleen! :)