Thursday, August 30, 2012

Keeping it Real

I've mentioned briefly that my husband and I have been trying to find a family since March. Obviously, it hasn't been too successful yet and I've been working with my doctor to try to figure out what we can do to change this.
I hate to admit, but I was super naive when we started this process. Sure, I had done my research and knew all about charting, ovulation, cervical mucus, and cycles. I had a basal body thermometer, ovulation test strips, pregnancy test, the fertility friend app, and was ready to go. I thought, hey, it might take a couple of months for my cycle to regulate, but it will all work out.

Until it didn't.

My doctor told me to call him if I hadn't had a cycle within 90 days after my last birth control pill. Over 100 days went by and I finally decided to call. I mean, what if it came on it's own and was a little later than 90 days? Girl, please. I reluctantly called my doctor to make an appointment. He confirmed that I had not ovulated {what?!} and tried me out on a low dose of clomid.

Again, I was super excited and thought that "this could be the month"! Ya, no. I did not respond to the medication and was so upset. That's when my husband and I decided to stop the clomid and I would work on getting healthy before we thought about it again. That was in June. My doctor and I said we would see how the summer went, and I would see him in August for my yearly visit.

Yesterday, I had my appointment. I went in super excited to tell him that I had lost 17 pounds and had a cycle on my own! It took 5 1/2 months, but it happened nevertheless.

The appointment was definitely not what I had expected. He was so happy that I lost weight and had a spontaneous cycle, but he was still concerned with my history of horribly irregular cycles. He told me that I have not yet ovulated {again} and to call him if I had not had a cycle within 4-6 weeks and we would do a higher dose of clomid. This was also not the first time he's mentioned the possibility that I might need to see an infertility specialist.

I left the office, got in my car, called my husband and burst into tears. I was so hopeful that losing weight would be it and it was so hard to hear that losing weight might not be enough. 

I knew that my irregular cycles could get in the way of having a baby someday, but never thought it would actually happen. Yes, I'm super naive when it comes to these things.

With this news from the doctor, my husband and I decided that if there's a good chance that I'll need to see a specialist, I might as well see them sooner rather than later.

I have my first appointment in three weeks and couldn't be happier with our decision. Our insurance covers diagnosis and treatment of infertility issues, but not artificial insemination of any kind (IVF, IUI, etc.). That's ok with us. We just want to know if there's something legitimately wrong or is it something we just need to be patient with.


Krystal said...

At least you have a plan and some answers -- good luck! =]

Adrienne said...

OH my gosh, your story is exactly the same as ours. Like to the T.

I stopped taking the pill in January and we started 'trying" in February. When I didn't get my period for several months, I saw my OB. One month later, found out I have PCOS. Did one round of clomid, my body reacted well (a couple follicles, not quite an ovulation), but it didn't WACKY things to me. I just don't think my body appreciated more intervention.

After that, I decided I'd rather get healthy (emotionally and physically!)and we're going to stay natural (I take vitamins and supplements- and we're going to try acupuncture) and it's all God's timing... right? :)