Friday, March 15, 2013

What Will It Be?

We find out the sex of Baby Reese in two days! It's completely surreal and I can't believe we're going to know if we're having a boy or girl.

Many people ask us what we want and our answer is...a healthy baby! Seriously, we would be delighted with either. There are great things about boy and great things about girls. I used to get so annoyed when parents would answer that way, but honestly when you think you might not get that chance for a long time, it doesn't matter.

Before we were having a baby, we both wanted a boy first then a girl. Now, my husband has visions of a little girl that he's hoping for. He also wants a boy so either way, he'll be happy. When I think of a girl, I think of tutu's, watching Disney princess movies, and shopping. When I think of a boy, I think of trucks, little board shorts, and momma's buddy.

Either way, we are truly blessed and already have names picked out!

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Vanessa Miller said...

Good luck! My doctor is taking forever with my next ultrasound. I don't think we find out for another month!