Wednesday, March 13, 2013

So What Wednesdays

So What Wednesday

This week, I'm saying SO WHAT if...
  • When the doctor told me that I had to be on pelvic rest for the next two weeks I was not thrilled. *Pelvic rest is total abstinence to not irritate the cervix and cause more spotting*
  • We got the ultrasound pictures from the hospital and tried to see if we could find out the sex of the baby. No dice. 
  • Tomorrow is my night to make dinner and we bought baked potato cheddar soup from Bob Evans to reheat.
  • My birthday is next week and the only present I asked for was for my mom to pay for the early gender scan.
  • Since I'm only allowed to take it easy, I've been sitting/lying around watching movies and shows all day.
  • I love watching the Duggars. I think they're great and set a good example. They seem to do well with their businesses, take care of their family, and their kids aren't hooligans.
  • I can't decide on which detergent to use with cloth diapering. I don't want something super expensive...any suggestions?

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Vanessa Miller said...

Ugh the last thing I feel like doing at night is cooking! Totally awesome birthday gift request! Do you have to use a specail detergent for cloth diapering? I use Purex for Babies for my daughter's clothes. I love the way it smells and it's so cheap.