Monday, August 16, 2010

McFatty Monday

I'm down 1 pound from last week which puts me up by 2 pounds from where I was before. It's coming off and I'm thankful for that!

In other news, gym shopping has been an adventure! I've been to the YMCA, Curves, and the Family Fitness Center. I had no desire to look into the one that used to be Powerhouse gym because the last time I was there, it was dark, dingy, and was a little creepy to go to by myself. Phil isn't looking to get a new membership just yet so that didn't seem like an option.

I wrote about the Y last week, but the quick overview was that it smells when you walk in. I'm learning that there are certain smells I just can not handle and pool water mixed with sweat and funk is not one of them. I was also looking for more of a "gym" feel and being there made me feel weird. The prices were expensive for an "individual" and since Phil and I don't live together, they would not allow us to be on the same membership. Ironic, though, because if we were living together before marriage, they would give us the discounted rate and YMCA stands for the Young Men's CHRISTIAN Association. And....that's all I have to say about that.

Curves was the last place I checked out. I had heard about and read some reviews that made me apprehensive to join there, but I wanted to check it out anyways and get a "feel" for the place. Let me tell you one thing, the music there drove me crazy! I told Mom that if I had to listen to that while working out, it would make me want to shoot myself *not literally, but seriously, it was that bad*. On top of that, they were a little taken aback that I would want to work out for more than 25 minutes and that the machines wouldn't let me start until my heart rate was in their "target range." First of all, I work out now for more than 25 minutes and hope to continue to lengthen my work outs. Secondly, my heart rate when I work out is way higher than the "target rate" and I feel fine. It's just how my body works and if it's not going to let me start the machine or count it towards my progress if I start anyways, then what's the point? Oh, and it smelled funny.

The Family Fitness Center is a place I heard about while playing in the softball tournament yesterday. The catcher from another team gave me the information and said that's where she works out and she loves it! I checked it out today and wasn't expecting much. It's in an old armory building and I'd never heard of the gym there. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with their facility. They have a decent amount of equipment and they even have classes that are offered. They are incredibly affordable (especially for the going rate for gyms in this area) and I can even bring my trainer there to train me and it will only cost $5 for the day! They really had a lot to offer.

It looks like I'm going to be able to continue working out and I think we've found the place. I've done well today with my diet and will keep pressing on this week to see some good results next week!

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