Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Water Damage

I was having such a great morning. I went to Marshall's and was able to get some clothes, a work purse/tote, comforter set, and a pair of shoes for work. It was great and I was enjoying every minute of this morning, then the afternoon hit...

I was sitting in Phil's room on his chair when it all changed. I had been drinking water and thought the glass was empty so, naturally, I went to get more. After I stood up something fell and I bent down to pick it up. That's when I felt a gush of water go over my hand, that was holding my cell phone, and Phil's laptop. I went and got a towel to try to dry off the back of his laptop and when I opened it up it wouldn't turn on. I called him immediately and told him what happened. He was incredibly calm and said that it was an accident, no big deal.

After a little over an hour, my phone was working fine and his laptop was working. I was told to keep it off until we can guarantee that it is completely dry inside so that it doesn't get fried. I went to check my phone and realized that it wasn't doing so well anymore. There was water trapped between the battery and the phone so I wiped the water off and set it out to dry. I checked on it a while later and it was still acting up a lot. We're going to have to let it dry for a while to see if it will be ok, but in the meantime I will be using Phil's phone since my cell phone is my alarm and the only way people can contact me at my apartment.

Even when things don't go well, I still have a man who loves me and who supports me even when I almost ruin things. I am definitely so lucky and thankful for him and for God who brought him into my life.


Tristan said...

hope it drys out and starts working right! what a pain!!

good man are awesome :)

Anonymous said...

Put it them in a bag of rice! Rice really absorbs all the water