Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Prepping the Apartment...

Planning for the wedding has been so much fun. Planning for what happens after the wedding...not so much! Don't get me wrong, I am totally looking forward to the marriage more than anything (including the wedding), but it's getting everything to fit in my tiny apartment that is causing the most stress.

When I moved into my apartment in January of 2009, I didn't have much. In fact, most of my furniture belonged to Phil's family. Over the past year and a half we were able to get more furniture that either I bought or that we bought together. Every time new furniture came in, the old furniture went back into storage. It was working well for a while, especially when we were thinking of moving into a bigger apartment after we were married that was, until my job term ended and I was unable to find a good full-time position.

We thought long and hard about it and decided that we would both live in my apartment after the wedding. Of course, this means big changes to the layout of the furniture and how much space I have for my things. It has been difficult for me to manage changing everything around to accommodate another person when it feels like there's barely enough room for me! I know it can work, it's just a matter of making it work for us.

We have a plan and I've started by moving furniture around and emptying out a whole dresser for him. We will make it work because it is the best decision financially for us. I am excited to have Phil be able to go over and help me and to have his opinion on what would work the best. It will be such a relief to be able to get this done so that we can both focus on other things and have less stress as we get closer to the wedding.

Now, if I can only get everything ready to start teaching in a couple of weeks...

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